Staff Assignments


Kelly Ratliff - Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Resource Management

  • Sectionwide management and issues coordination
  • Program/resource planning (overall)
  • Campus budget process development/implementation
  • Campuswide/cross-cutting resource issues
  • Liaison with UCOP and other campus budget offices

Michele Hassett - Executive Analyst to Interim Leader and Budget & Institutional Analysis Director


Administrative Budget and Budget Operations

Anissa Nachman - Administrative Budget and Budget Operations Director

  • Administrative Team Lead
  • Budget operations
  • Budget allocations
  • Develop decision tools for campus leadership
  • UCOP and campus budget allocations administration
  • Fiscal close/open
  • Financial system lead
  • Central accounts management
  • UCOP liaison
  • Long-term resource planning and financial management
  • Offices of the Chancellor and Provost

Joe Borges - Principal Budget Analyst

    • Office of Research
    • University Library
    • Indirect Cost Return
    • Tuition estimates

Laurie Carney - Principal Budget Analyst

    • Intercollegiate Athletics
    • Office of Student Affairs
    • Office of Development and Alumni Relations
    • Financial Aid
    • Student Fee estimates

Kristen Fernandez - Principal Budget Analyst

    • Finance, Operations and Administration
    • Information and Educational Technology

Elizabeth Ockenden - Budget Operations Analyst

    • Campus Account Management
    • Central Account Allocations
    • Assessments
    • Debt Service

Dolores M Mejia - Executive Assistant

    • Assistant to Administrative Budget and Budget Operations Director, Academic Budget and Policy Director, Institutional Analysis Assistant Directors

Academic Budget and Policy

Sarah Mangum - Academic Budget and Policy Director

  • Academic Team Lead
  • Annual budget process coordinator
  • Fee coordinator
  • Academic Affairs liaison
  • Undergraduate Education liaison
  • School of Medicine

Teresa Strausser - Analyst

    • Student Fee coordinator
    • Institutional data collection and edition (DESII support)
    • Course Materials and Services Fee committee staff

Donna Udahl - Analyst

    • Faculty hiring, tracking, start-ups
    • Interlocation transfers
    • Central funding of salaries and benefits
    • Instructional need allocations
    • Faculty resources - return and allocations

Elisabeth Willoughby - Principal Budget Analyst

    • College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
    • College of Biological Sciences
    • College of Engineering
    • Division of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies
    • Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
    • Division of Social Sciences
    • Summer Sessions

Tiffany Wright - Principal Budget Analyst

    • Graduate School of Management
    • School of Education
    • School of Law
    • University Extension
    • Global Affairs liaison
    • Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition (PDST) fee process lead
    • Self-Supporting Degree Program(SSDP) fee and revenue lead
    • Office of Graduate Studies
    • School of Veterinary Medicine
    • Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

Institutional Analysis

Steve Weisler - Chief Data Officer

Student Success

Erika Jackson - Assistant Director, Student Outcomes

  • Undergraduate student academic performance analysis
  • Student experience and outcomes surveys
  • College rankings anlysis
  • Program review data

Cheryl Bach - Analyst

    • Student surveys: UCUES, College Exit, Program Review
    • Survey administration in Qualtrics
    • Reporting and analysis on student experience and performance

Tom Estes - Analyst

    • Reporting of student data to government entities, data exchange partners
    • National/international college guides and rankings
    • Undergraduate student academic performance

Institutional Support and Enrollment Management

Jason Stewart - Assistant Director, Institutional Support and Enrollment Management

  • Enrollment tracking and projection
  • Instructional workload analysis and reporting
  • Student information
  • Data governance
  • Program review data
Govind Acharya - Institutional Research Analyst
    • Employee data and trends
    • Enrollment data and trends
    • Data visualizations
Emmeline Calona - Institutional Research Analyst
    • Enrollment data and trends
    • Student information
Kamal Lemseffer - Business Systems Analyst
    • Instructional workload analysis
    • Graduate student support
    • Undergraduate program review
    • Provost's Dashboard
Eric Rothgarn - Institutional Research Analyst
    • Cross-cutting data resource planning
Thomas Campbell - Lead Warehouse Analyst & Technology Team Lead

Ramon Clemente - Programmer
Annamalai Natarajan - Programmer
Open position - Programmer

    • Model data relationships
    • Architect data storage and retrieval solutions
    • Maintain data gathering, integration, and maintenance applications
    • Maintain data quality management applications
    • Design and maintain decision support applications
    • Manage databases