The AggieBudget Project provides a budget, financial reporting, and financial forecasting solution for campuswide use that will improve the efficiency and transparency with which all campus units conduct essential resource planning and management activities.

2018-19 Budget Planning Deadlines

Monday, June 4

All units submit 18/19 budgets in the Sources and Uses Excel template. This includes those units providing information from Adaptive or other sources of budget detail and units that will be building budgets in AggieBudget Plan Files. Units providing information from Adaptive or other sources of budget detail must also submit budgets in the approved upload format by this date.

Friday, June 29

AggieBudget Plan Files must be completed for applicable units. Units may provide early deadlines to departments to allow for Dean’s Office review.

June is Reports Training Month

Update: Why limit Reports Training to the month of June? To accommodate everyone’s busy schedules, additional training sessions will be offered in July.

Please join us for a Reports training session on campus at Hoagland Hall. This training will cover the use of the AggieBudget reporting tool for lookup, analysis and budgetary decision-making. Email the AggieBudget team at to reserve your space.

Prerequisite:  Reports access must be provided by the Department Administrator.

Unsure of who the designated Department Administrator is? Email the AggieBudget team at for more information.

Class Date Time Location
Reports Training June 13, 2018 1:00-2:00 260 Hoagland Hall
Reports Training June 20, 2018 3:00-4:00 260 Hoagland Hall
Reports Training June 27, 2018 3:00-4:00 260 Hoagland Hall
Reports Training July 11, 2018 11:00-12:00 260 Hoagland Hall
Reports Training July 25, 2018 11:00-12:00 260 Hoagland Hall

Why AggieBudget?

Efficiency. Reduces redundancy of work and saves time by eliminating the need to re-key information from one system or spreadsheet to another through data integrations; shifts time from compiling reports to analyzing them in order to provide more accurate reports in less time; provides a tool that is built to plan for important budget elements (e.g. labor, commitments, rates, fees, revenue) so that users across campus won’t need to build those tools in Excel.

Consistency. Provides a tool that allows for consistent financial planning and reporting across campus. It also provides the ability to easily evaluate budget-to-actual outcomes at multiple organizational levels or roll-up budget plans at different levels within organization.

Detailed Planning. Provides a tool that will allow for planning and decision-making at the level that is right for your unit in terms of:

  • Current Org/Account structure
  • Staffing resources
  • Future planning needs

Long-term Planning. Enables multi-year planning and reporting at all levels of the organization; allows budget planning and tracking efforts to have more of a strategic focus with less need for manual technical work; units can plan 3 years, campus will ultimately have a 10-year look ahead.


The scope of this project is campus wide. The scope includes solution changes necessary to integrate UC Path and a potential new UCDHS general ledger tool (Infor Lawson).

Scheduled Functionality

FY 18/19 Annual Planning Cycle

January 2018: Meet with AggieBudget Team and decide to enter or import budget data

February 2018: If entering, review orgs and make selection in Plan File Manager

March 2018: If entering, receive training and enter Annual Budget for FY18-19 into Plan Files

April 2018: Import budget data or continue to enter Annual Budget into Plan Files

May 2018: Budget meetings with Provost/Chancellor

Future Functionality (Dates subject to change)

On-going: Enhanced Reporting

Fall 2018: In-year Projections

Winter 2018/19: Grants and Contracts Planning

Spring 2019: Long-Range Forecast Planning

Supplemental content

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Access is restricted based on receiving training and approval from your department administrator

Project Update

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View the January 2018 AggieBudget Project Update presentation.