Common Good Assessment

The Common Good Assessment (CGA) project seeks to improve efficiency by eliminating recharge for certain goods and services. Eliminating recharges for goods and services that are essential and routinely consumed in the regular course of unit operations and which have little risk of over consumption will reduce frustrations and barriers associated with the of recharging between campus departments and remove recharge-related transaction costs. Additionally, it will remove cost-based disincentives to using public safety services. Service providers will be funded through a campuswide payroll assessment that varies by unit (see Summary of Phase I Service Costs by Unit). BIA will manage the assessment funds; service providers will not receive automatic annual increases and will have to request additional funding through the annual budget process. Quality of service will be managed through written Service Partnership Agreements.

The Common Good Assessment will be implemented in January 2016 as a payroll-based assessment (note: certain income accounts will be assessed on income rather than on payroll). Account managers will notice a monthly assessment in Supplies and Expense, Object Consolidation SUB3, that is calculated by multiplying monthly salary expenses by the unit-specific CGA rate. The payroll assessment will be charged to all funds except agency funds, contract and grants, and recharge funds. Please see Technical Notes for more information. 

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