Campus Data

  • Definitions - Terms used in the data and reports
  • Enrollment Reports - Current, historical and multiple-year comparisons, available by quarter and 3 quarter averages
  • Instruction - Default college workload and pay college workload, undergraduate student workload, class size reports
  • Links - Links to other UC institutional research offices, and other resources beyond the UC Davis Budget Division

Campus Metrics

The campus metrics are compilations of metrics associated with academic activities that are prepared annually to inform the campus budget process. The metrics highlighted were identified in coordination with the Academic Senate Committee on Planning and Budget and prepared by Budget and Institutional Analysis from standard campus data sources. These metrics include multi-year trend data for the academic years 2010-11 through 2014-15, the most recent data available at the time of publishing. In some cases data through Fall 2015 is also provided.  The Metric Summary provides data at the campus, school, college, and division level, and the Metric Detail provides data by college at the department or major level, depending upon what is being measured.