2013-14 Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition Proposals

Degree programs who charge, or wish to charge, professional degree supplemental tuition for 2013-14 are currently in the process of developing their fee proposals. October 13, 2012 is the deadline for completion of PDST proposals and consultation with students and faculty in the program. The final proposals have been submitted to the UC Office of the President and have not yet been considered by the UC Regents.

2013-14 PDST Proposals

The following proposals to set professional degree supplemental tuition levels for the 2013-14 academic year were submitted by UC Davis to the UC Office of the President. These proposals are under review and have not yet been approved by the UC Regents.

All items below are in Adobe .pdf file format

Consultation Plans

The following are consultation plans submitted by each program charging a PDST that describe when and how students and faculty will be consulted regarding their proposed PDST levels for 2013-14. The timeframe for consultation is typically short due to the timing of the beginning of the academic year and the deadlines for the November Regents meeting.

All items below are in Adobe .pdf file format

*Proposal to establish a new PDST.