About Our Division

The Budget & Institutional Analysis division is a team of analysts that advises the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor and other campus executives as to the efficient and effective management of the campus's operating budget resources.  In addition, the team provides policy analysis of a wide range of issues, including enrollment, instructional workload, faculty positions and other institutional policies. This unit serves the campus at large as follows:

  • Provides accurate and meaningful information about budget, enrollment, faculty positions and instructional workload in support of various resource decisions. Reports these data elements to meet campus, UC, State and ad-hoc needs.
  • Manages various annual resource allocations for the campus and the Office of the President.
  • Serves as lead analytical support for campus rate process.
  • Develops policies, procedures, and information systems that enable units to efficiently and effectively manage operating budget, instruction and faculty resources.
  • Provides staff development opportunities for departmental resource managers.