Common Good Assessment

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The Common Good Assessment (CGA) project seeks to improve efficiency by eliminating recharge for certain goods and services. Eliminating recharges for goods and services that are essential and routinely consumed in the regular course of unit operations, and which have little risk of over-consumption, will reduce frustrations and barriers associated with recharging between campus departments and remove recharge-related transaction costs. (See the presentation Revamping Recharge Toward a Common Good Approach.) Additionally, it will remove cost-based disincentives to using public safety services.

Prior to 2017-18, service providers were funded through a campuswide payroll assessment that varied by unit, based on historical usage.  In 2017-18, the methodology will change to an annual bill based on both historical usage and expenditures. Under the new recovery method, a Voice and Data (V&D) base charge has been established using prior V&D expenditures.  Other Services and V&D incremental increases will be proportionally charged based on campus expenditures. Contract and Grants, where appropriate, will be recharged for V&D services. Other changes for 2017-18 include the removal of certain services based on feedback from campus partners. Please see CGA Costs by Unit and Service detail for additional information.

Summary of Changes for 2017-18

  • Billing Methodology - From a payroll/income assessment to an annual bill.
  • Services Removed - CES Room Reservation, Food Safety Inspections, Minor Capital Overhead. (Note: Building Maintenance Small Project Overhead, and Custodial Overhead were removed in 2016-17.)
  • Object Code - 72CG will house both V&D and Other services expenses.

BIA will bill units annually at the Dean/Vice Chancellor level; each unit will then have the discretion to determine which account(s) are billed.  Please see allowable fund table for fund restrictions.

BIA will continue to manage the assessment funds and will provide the service units a base budget.  Service providers will not receive automatic annual increases and will have to request additional funding through the Recharge Rate Committee. Quality of service will be managed through written Service Partnership Agreements.

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