Metric 15 notes:

  1. Data source: BIA Faculty recruitment database, annual faculty recruitment reports, DaFIS DS, and PPS DS. 
  2. Faculty hire dates lag the recruitment authorized fiscal year. Start date for hires is generally July 1 of the following fiscal year. For example, a recruitment authorized in 2012-13 that was successful would likely result in a hire in 2013-14. However, this pattern can vary, so it does not always follow that all hires in a given year were the result of the prior year's authorized recruitments. 
  3. Hires in 2015-16 includes offers accepted with start dates that fall in 2015-16. 
  4. These numbers include hires that occurred outside of the traditional hiring process (Partner Opportunities Program, Target of Excellence, and changes in titles codes into the I&R series). 
  5. Separations have been shifted to the year following the separation to better reflect faculty available for instruction within a given academic year. The majority of separations occur during the final quarter of the fiscal year or after teaching for that academic year is complete. 
  6. Figures represent professorial and AES positions. AES positions are excluded if there is no concurrent professorial or lecturer SOE anchoring appointment.