Metric 16 Data Source:  Data for this report is derived from multiple sources: Student Information System (SIS), Kuali Financial System (KFS), Payroll Personnel System Data Warehouse (PPS-DW), Local Database in Office of Graduate Studies (attributes of graduate programs).

  1. The student counts in this report are based on student enrollment in three regular quarters (F, W, Sp), excluding enrollment in other terms, such as summer sessions or semesters.  The count of students receiving support is cumulative over the course of three quarters—it is possibly best thought of as student quarters of support.  A student receiving support in all three quarters is counted three times, two quarters, two times, and one quarter, one time.
  2. This report only includes graduate academic students who pay standard graduate student fees. Students in professional programs, programs that have a professional degree supplemental tuition, or self-supporting degree programs are excluded.  The fee structure, different schedules (i.e. semester, or required summer quarters), and different return-to-aid expectations for these programs complicate comparisons and aggregation with support levels in graduate academic programs to the point that such comparisons/aggregations are not meaningful.  Therefore, we have not included these programs in summary level information by lead dean.
  3. The following professional degree programs are excluded from this data: JD, DVM, MD, MBA. In addition, the self-supporting LLM program is excluded because it is offered in a semester format similar to the JD and DVM degrees. Semester programs cannot be included due to the methodology described in note 1.
  4. Percent of students receiving support is the total number of 2014-15 regular academic year student quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring) in which support was received or to which summer support was imputed (see also note 5) divided by the total number of regular academic year student quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring) enrolled.
  5. Percent of students receiving full support is total number of 2014-15 regular academic year student quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring) in which full support was received divided by the total number of regular academic year student quarters enrolled.
  6. Definition and Calculation of "Full Support": The Office of Graduate Studies considers a student fully supported if the combined support received is equal to or greater than a specified amount that considers fees, tuition and living expenses, and varies with residency status. That amount is defined on a quarterly basis as the sum of:  GSR Level III salary (half of the monthly full-time rate multiplied by three), tuition, NRT if applicable, student services fee, campus-based fees, and health care cost.
    Some graduate programs offer support on a 12-month basis (for example, a student may work during the summer as a GSR).  In such programs, a student's support received in a regular quarter (F, W, Sp) may not appear to be sufficient to be considered full support. For this reason, determination of full support involves two tests.  The first test evaluates a student's support in a regular quarter. If the total amount of support received meets the full-support standard, the student is considered fully supported. If not, the second test adds any support the student received during the preceding summer sessions, whether the student was  registered to take classes or not, to the amount of support received in each under-funded quarter, and re-evaluates the resulting amount against the full-support standard. 
    One complication associated with this approach is that a student may be under-funded for more than one quarter during an academic year. To address this problem, determination of full support is made at the end of an academic year. If a student is under-funded in all three regular quarters, the student’s summer support, if any, is divided by three and a third is added to support received in each under-funded quarter; if a student is under-funded in two quarters, half of any summer support is added to the amount of support received in each under-funded quarter. The full-support standard is not applied to  students who register for coursework in summer sessions or to professional-degree students.  For more details, please consult publications by Offices of Graduate Studies ( and Budget and Institutional Analysis (
    A resident graduate academic student received $11,000 in each of the three quarters (F, W, Sp) of 2012-13. This student would be considered fully supported under the OGS standard in all of those quarters since the amount of aid the student received exceeded the standard of $10,118 per quarter.
    Another student, also a resident, received $10,000 each in the same quarters. If this student received no other support, the student would be considered supported, but not fully supported.  However, if this student instead also received a total of $3,000 in the summer of 2012, the student would be considered fully supported in all three quarters because $10,000 plus $1,000 ($3,000/3) is greater than the standard of $10,118.