Metric 5 Notes:

  1. Source: The Instructional Activity Information System (IAIS) and the Student Information System (SIS).
  2. Fixed-Unit Courses: In general, fixed-unit courses are regularly scheduled, unit-bearing courses with consistent academic content that is not materially altered based on the students in the course. The format of these courses is typically a lecture, seminar, or non-breakout discussion or lab.
  3. Revenue from Summer Sessions is distributed via the campus budget model based on the unit that paid the instructor for a given course (pay basis). The student credit hours in these charts are based on the unit offering the course (course basis). Student credit hour data on a pay basis for Summer Sessions is available in SIS-DS, Report 418.
  4. Includes student credit hours from Summer Abroad courses that are offered during the Summer Special Session. 
  5. Includes undergraduate and graduate student credit hours. 
  6. The “Other” instructional rank category includes Recall, Emeriti, Visiting, and Adjunct faculty as well as those with unknown ranks.