Metric 9 Notes:

  1. Teaching Assistant ratios are often reported as students/TAs. To report in this way, UC Davis has historically converted SCH to student FTE by dividing SCH by 15 to include a full course load for a student. However, using a pure ratio of SCH/faculty is a more accurate measure of workload since course units and loads for TAs and faculty vary across academic units.
  2. TAs include only those who have TA title codes.
  3. The large change in TA usage in HArCS in 2013-14 is due to a combination of several factors: 1) In 2013-14, some students teaching first and second year language courses were classified as AIs instead of TA, which resulted in fewer TA FTEs for HArCS; 2) With the transition of ESL courses to HArCS in 2013-14, the total denominator of SCH grew, but TA usage in ESL courses is minimal; 3) HArCS has a trend of declining enrollment in large courses, resulting in less TA hiring for large enrollment classes than in the past.