Open Provision System


  •  The Open Provision System is open for fiscal year 2014-15.  As a reminder, daily updates are available AFTER 10:00 AM.

Documentation and Reference Resources

LoginID / Username and Password

To access the open provision system through the web, you need two username/loginids and passwords. First, you need your Kerberos loginid and password to access the application web page (unless you have already provided it in the same browser session). Second, an Open Provision user ID and password are needed to access the Open Provision System. This second username and password is different from your MyUCDavis and PPS-DS loginid (that use your Kerberos password), and is also different from the on-line PPS system.

If you are using the Open Provision System for the first time or do not have an Open Provision user ID, you must request access by sending email to

If you have forgotten your username and password, a quick self-service utility is available. The following are instructions to retrieve your username and password:

  1. Log into PPS Decision Support (directly at or from the MyUCDavis portal).
  2. You should see two links. Click on the "Open Provision UserID/Password" link. Your current username and password should then be displayed.

If you have any questions or problems with obtaining this information, please send an email to; one of the team members will reply to your questions.

Software Requirements for Web-Based Key-Entry

Supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari (Macintosh); current versions supported are the same as SIS Banner. An up-to-date listing of supported browsers with current versions can be found in the IET Links list below, under "Web Browsers." To use the provision system you need Java Runtime Environment (JRE) software. A link to the supported Java version and installation instructions can be found in the IET Links list below, under "Java Plug-In."  Software installation may require assistance from your department's Technical Support Coordinator. Please e-mail us at if you have any questions.

Bookmark this page to reach the key-entry application in the future. An up-to-date link to launch the application is maintained in the Application & Reports box located at the top of this page.

IET Links


Please contact your Dean's or Vice Chancellor's office or e-mail us at