Information About Staffing List Reports Available on PPSDS

Standard Staffing List Reports

There are a number of standard reports available from the PPS DS website under the Staffing/Costing Reports sub-menu as follows:

    • Staffing Detail Reports - There are two different versions - Full FAU (#37) and Required FAU (#35).

      • The full FAU report (#37) includes the entire full accounting unit code (FAU) - Chart, Account, Sub-Account, Object, and Project.
      • The required FAU report (#35) summarizes all data to the required FAU elements - Chart, Account and Object. Optional FAU fields. Sub-account and project data are ignored in the required FAU report. The central offices (payroll and planning and budget) use this version of the report for any final, year-end balancing that may be required.
    • Staffing Summary Report - This report provides a one-line summary of each FAU based on the parameters entered by the user (e.g., all staffing lists for an organization/home department, all academic staffing lists that are out-of-balance, etc.).
    • Staff Cross Reference List - This report provides cross list information for any employees that have split funding (i.e., paid from more than one FAU).
    • Open Provisions List - This report lists all open provisions by either Full FAU or Required FAU.
    • Costing Summary Report - This report is a summary of current and base balances by organization, object consolidation and sub-fund group.
    • Costing (Funded Staff Salaries) Report - This report provides costing data for merits and ranges.

Data Sets and Update Schedule

Staffing list data (reports) are currently available for the following run dates:

    • July 1 Final
    • Mid-Year Reference
    • Current (see below)

In general, the staffing list data set labeled "current" will be updated weekly (new data available after 10:00 am each Thursday). During fiscal close, the staffing list data will be updated daily. Please note, however, that not all data changes will be reflected immediately because the Staffing List data originates from different systems with varying update schedules.

Security and Access

Security and access for the staffing list reports is the same as other PPS DS reports (i.e., based on home department codes). Users must have access to the PPS Decision Support system (PPS DS) to use the web-based staffing lists.

For information about gaining access, please refer to PPS DS web site -