Staffing List Checklist

NOTE: Refer to the Salary Action Matrix (.pdf) to determine the funding source for staff salary actions.

Procedure: Completed Not Completed N/A
Step 1: Base Budget Adjustments
Was your base budget adjusted for
a. all employee merits
b. all employee ranges
c. any employee equity increases
d. employee reclassifications
e. new positions
f. employees hired above entry level
g. new employees hired lower than entry level salary
h. positions being removed from the budget (re-budget the entry level salary to a different object consolidation code)
j. range funding for vacant provisions
Base Budget FTE questions
a. any incorrect FTE entries that were included on a DaFIS BB document processed during the year
b. any FTE adjustments that were excluded from DaFIS BB transactions (e.g., new position, increase/decrease base FTE)
Step 2: Provision Actions
Was the provision database adjusted for
a. open positions that the department plans on keeping permanently budgeted (add provisions at entry level salary)
b. provisions that have been filled (delete provision)
c. provisions being removed from the budget (delete provision)
Was your base budget augmented for
a. downgrade to entry level (i.e. Turnover Savings) for vacated position
Step 3: Personnel Actions (Payroll/ Personnel System )
Was the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) updated for
a. distributions where the FTE field was left blank or incorrectly filled out
b. incorrect end dates which caused distributions to not be included on the staffing list.
c. incorrect object code on distribution (SUBG instead of SUBS)