Self-Supporting Graduate Professional Degree Programs


Self-Supporting Graduate Professional Degree Programs

Self-Supporting Graduate Professional Degree Programs (SSGPDPs) allow the University to serve additional students above and beyond the resources provided by the state while fulfilling demonstrated higher education and workforce needs.  SSGPDPs are mid-level graduate professional degree programs that do not receive any state funding support and cannot be subsidized by tuition or fees paid by students in state-supported programs.  SSGPDPs can be established to meet new and unmet educational needs for which there are no existing State resources.

SSGPDP students are typically mid-career or working professionals and these programs offer schedules and degree completion timelines that are more accessible to these students.  SSGPDP students must meet the same academic standards and go through the same admission process as other UC Davis graduate programs.

For a list of current approved SSGPDPs, please click here.

Annual Process for Setting Fees for SSGPDPs

University of California Office of the President (UCOP) approves the SSGPDP fee levels annually for all UC SSGPDPs based on propos­als submitted by each program.  This process is guided by the University of California Office of the President 2011 policy on Self-Supporting Graduate Degree Programs and requires the school to demonstrate that the program is financially self-supporting.  Specifically, the schools and campus follow a procedure for fee approval that includes:

  • Budget and Institutional Analysis sends all campus assistant deans of administration a request for SSGPDP fee submissions, including templates for program budgets.
  • The SSGPDP proposes a new fee level based on projected costs, enrollments, and other factors which can include market comparisons with other similar programs.
  • Budget and Institutional Analysis reviews all of the SSGPDP fee proposals prior to submitting them for the Provost’s approval.
  • Provost approves fees on an individual program basis and transmits the approved fees to UCOP.
  • UC President approves SSGPDP fees in May for the following fall term. 
  • If the SSDP fee is not approved by the UC President, the program cannot charge an SSDP for that year.

Campus Review of Self-Supporting Graduate Professional Degree Programs

Self-Supporting Graduate Professional Degree Programs must meet the same rigorous academic standards as any other graduate degree program at UC Davis. Every three years the Self-Supporting Degree Programs must submit a self-assessment to the Graduate Council for program review.  The requirements of the self-assessments are included in the UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual, Section 200-26.  This review includes an evaluation of academic quality by Graduate Council and a financial review by Budget and Institutional Analysis.

Proposing a New SSGPDP

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