Proposing a New SSDP


Approval Process and Timeline

New SSDPs follow the same development and approval process as state-supported graduate programs, with a few additional required steps. The driving factors behind development of a new SSDP must include faculty interest and expertise, demonstrated need for the program in an unserved student population, and financial viability of the program to be completely self-supporting.

SSDPs can have both an academic unit responsible for program curriculum and an administrative unit re­sponsible for program operations, in some cases these are the same. The UC Regents authorized the establishment of SSDPs and delegated the authority for approving new SSDPs and policies as well as fees for existing SSDPs to the UC President. The fees paid by SSDP students must cover all program costs.

There are four central policies that guide the development and administration of SSDPs: 1) UCOP Policy on Self-Supporting Degree Programs, 2) UC Davis PPM 200-26, 3) Graduate Studies Policy on SSDPs, GS2014-01, and 4) the Graduate Council Policies and Procedures Manual. Faculty and administrators considering a new SSDP would be advised to review first the Graduate Studies policy, GS2014-01, and PPM 200-26 for a general idea of what a proposal must contain; in GS2014-01, please see the new proposal flowchart in Exhibit C (page 20). Specifically, schools and colleges wishing to establish a new SSDP should do the following:

  • The Dean responsible for the academic unit that will offer the proposed SSDP submits a letter of intent to the Dean—Graduate Studies describing the proposed program, its alignment with the campus’s strategic plan, and justification of the academic need and financial incentive for the program. The letter of intent is reviewed by the Council of Deans for approval to continue to the proposal preparation stage.
  • The academic unit proposing to offer the SSDP completes a proposal following the requirements and guidelines provided in the Compendium of Universitywide Review Processes for Academic Programs, Academic Units, and Research Units, Appendix D.1.
  • The academic unit submits the proposal to the Dean—Graduate Studies, who ensures that the proposal is reviewed by the Academic Senate. If the Academic Senate approves the proposal, it is submitted to the Chancellor for approval.
  • Following approval by the Academic Senate and Chancellor, Budget and Institutional Analysis submits the cost analysis and fee approval request to UCOP by their annual deadline.

In addition, there is a team of individuals knowledgeable about SSDPs who are available to answer questions the campus may have:

Graduate Studies
Regan Scott-Chin, Graduate Studies Analyst
(530) 752-9503

Budget and Institutional Analysis
Sarah Mangum, Academic Budget and Policy Director
(530) 752-2427