Current Student Enrollments

Current Enrollment

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UC Davis At a Glance 


High Level Dashboard

Demographics Overview, Fall 2017

These visualizations provide more details on diversity associated with gender, race/ethnicity, and other measures. 


Student Enrollment Data Tables

This visualization provides data in a table format, similar to PDF reports that were previously offered. Some of the data here include the student population summary, residency, new student headcounts, and graduate program enrollments

Summary of Data

Pattern of Majors

This visualization provides a summary of the top 10 majors across different undergraduate demographics. 


Selected Data About STEM at UC Davis

This dashboard gives high-level information about the demographics of students in STEM majors. 


Historical Enrollment Trends

If you want to know how UC Davis's enrollment has changed over the years, click on this. 

historical enrollment

Campus Metrics

The campus metrics are compilations of metrics associated with academic activities that are prepared annually to inform the campus budget process. The metrics highlighted were identified in coordination with the Academic Senate Committee on Planning and Budget and prepared by Budget and Institutional Analysis from standard campus data sources. These metrics include multi-year trend data for the most recent five completed academic years. In some cases, data through the most recent fall term is also provided. Access the Campus Metrics

Degrees Conferred and Graduation Rates

Archived Enrollment Reports

The link to the right sends you to the PDF reports that BIA published before 2017. Access the old, archived reports.