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Contracts and Grants Accounting Forms

Award Checklist (New Award) (PDF) Departments use this checklist for new award setup.
Award Closeout Checklist (PDF) Departments use this checklist for award closeout.
Cost Sharing Contribution Report (XLS) For both Federal and non-Federal cost sharing reports. To be completed by department concerned and campus accounting office. 
Dept. Pre-Approval Form: Transfer of Salary Expense (Extramural Fund Source) (PDF) Request a cost transfer to a federal fund more than 120 days after the initial charge.
ERS Help Request Form (Webform) Request assistance with the Effort Reporting System.
ERS View or Edit Access Request Form (PDF) Request Coordinator permissions in the Effort Reporting System.
ERS Certification Permission Request Form (PDF) Request Certifier permissions in the Effort Reporting System.
Handout for RACS Training: Post Award Administration, Part 1
This is the exercise handout for the class, which is available in the UC Learning Center.