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Sponsorship FAQs

  • What is a sponsored authorization?
  • It is a letter from your sponsor authorizing UC Davis to invoice the sponsor for your tuition and fees.
  • What is a Third Party Contract Application (TPC)?
  • The Third Party Contract Application (TPC) verifies the sponsor contact and billing information and confirms what items the sponsor has authorized to pay. This can also be used as an authorization if it is signed by the sponsor.
  • What does a sponsor authorization do?
  • It allows UC Davis to place a sponsor fee credit on the students account to temporarily pay the tuition and fees. The authorization then charges the sponsor account allowing UC Davis to invoice the sponsor so that they can submit payment.
  • Do I need to submit an sponsor authorization each year if I have a multi-year authorization?
  • Yes, the student must resubmit their authorization each year.
  • When is the sponsor authorization due at Student Accounting?
  • No later than Sep 1st for Fall quarter, Dec 1st for Winter quarter, Mar 1st for Spring quarter, Jun 1st for Summer. Note: Professional students may have different summer dates.
  • How often is a Third Party Contract Application (TPC) to be submitted?
  • If the sponsor authorization is valid for the academic year than the TPC is to be submitted by the Sponsor Authorization Deadline. If the sponsor authorization is valid for one-quarter, then the TPC is to be submitted each quarter by the Sponsor Authorization Deadline.
  • Does the authorization expire?
  • Yes, students must be aware of the expiration date. They can vary from quarterly, yearly and most international students are multi-year. If it has expired the student must contact the sponsor to obtain a valid authorization.
  • What happens if the student does not submit an authorization prior to the fee payment deadline?
  • Students are subject to a late fee if the authorization is not received by the fee payment deadline date. Students will be responsible to make the payment in full which includes the tuition, fees and any outstanding balance by the fee payment deadline. Failure to do so will result in your courses being dropped.
  • Can a sponsor authorization be accepted after the deadline?
  • Sponsor authorizations received after the published deadline are reviewed on an exception only basis. Please contact Student Accounting at 530-752-3646 or
  • Why register for classes as soon as the pass 1 appointment time is available?
  • This allows UC Davis to obtain information to post the sponsor fee credit to the student account.
  • Are sponsors responsible for the student’s tuition?
  • No, ultimately the student is responsible the tuition/student fees.
  • Should the student report a sponsorship to the financial aid office?
  • Yes, it can be reported on the MyAwards website and request a change in aid, this helps ensure that the student is not over awarded.
  • When are sponsors invoiced?
  • The Student Accounting Office will invoice the sponsors after the add/drop date each quarter.  Sponsors will receive an email once invoices are available.  We will provide 2 invoices per term.  First invoice after the add/drop date and second invoice the following month.
  • Does the sponsor pay all of the charges on the student's account?
  • No, some sponsors do not cover course material fees, health insurance or misc. fees. Therefore, those charges must be paid by the student by the fee payment deadline.
  • Can a student have a sponsorship and Department pay their tuition/student fees?
  • No, not if it is fee specific. Sponsorships supersede campus aid. Fee specific awards cannot exceed the amount of tuition/student fees.
  • What does a student do if attending summer courses?
  • If you are attending summer courses, please contact Student Accounting at 530-752-3646 or email  
  • What does a student do if their sponsorship ends or is terminated?
  • If your sponsorship terminates, please contact Student Accounting at 530-752-3646 or email at
  • What does a student do if they are graduating?
  • If you are graduating and are no longer being sponsored, please contact Student Accounting at 530-752-3646 or email at
  • Does the sponsor pay for the UC Davis health insurance premium on the student account?
  • Most sponsors do not cover Student Health Insurance premiums. We recommend that you contact your sponsor for regarding this payment to cover your health insurance.
  • Who is the campus contact person for sponsorships?
  • Contact Student Accounting at 530-752-3646 or email
    Location: 2100 Dutton Hall. 
    Office hours: 10 a.m.–4 p.m. Monday through Friday.