Merchant Account FAQs

  • Request to become a merchant?
  • Please email to request a credit card merchant account. For more information, visit our onboarding infographic
  • Add an additional equipment to an existing merchant/new equipment orders? 
  • To request additional equipment for an existing merchant, please email please include the merchant ID number, shipping address as well as the number and type of terminals needed.
  • Replace equipment?
  • To request replacement equipment, email merchantsupport@ucdavis.eduinclude the merchant ID number, terminal ID number and complete address for shipping replacement equipment. The merchant id number and terminal id number can be found on the sticker on the terminal.  If a replacement pin pad is needed, please include the associated terminal id number with the request as well as the pin pad serial number.
  • Close a Merchant Account? 
  • To close a merchant account, please email merchantsupport@ucdavis.eduto request a call tag to return equipment.  Include the merchant id number, equipment id number and/or serial number as well as a statement requesting closure of the merchant account.
  • Return credit card equipment? 
  • To return credit card equipment (defective or no longer needed, etc), please email to request a call tag.  Include the merchant id number, equipment id number or serial number and the reason for the return.

Contact for further questions about credit card merchant accounts.