TouchNet Payment Application

Touchnet Marketplace Application/Touchnet Payment Gateway

UC Davis credit card merchants have the ability to connect to the Touchnet Payment Gateway Application to process internet credit card activity. Touchnet Marketplace provides secure, PA-DSS compliant payment processing for any web-based application. It moves campus-wide payments into one centralized, certified payment system and gives campuses a solution for integrating departmental websites or existing web applications into a central, secure, payment system.

Merchants can establish uPay pages in minutes. uPay collects all relevant payment information in a secure environment that feeds directly to TouchNet Payment Gateway, then links back to the original application. For additional information, please see the Touchnet Marketplace User’s Guide below.

TouchNet Marketplace User Guide

The Marketplace User’s Guide is for the administrators, managers, and fulfillers who will maintain campus online shopping with TouchNet Marketplace Suite.

This user guide explains the structure of a Marketplace site, how to build your site, and how to use and manage it successfully. All of this information is broken into short, easy-to-read sections and supported with Marketplace screen captures and step-by-step instructions.

Click here to download the 6.5 manual

If you have questions about the use of TouchNet Marketplace on campus, please contact