Budget Reports

Transaction history on Budget Adjustments are available on several FIS Decision Support reports.

Looking for transaction history on Budget Adjustments? There are several FIS Decision Support reports that provide this information:

  • On the Budget Transaction Detail (60), you can see transaction level detail for Current and/or Base Budgets. The default setting for the query is Current Budget, but you can select the Base Budget option, too, to get the "complete picture" of budget activity for a specific account or organization.

  • On the Balance Summary (1) in the Balance Summary Type section, select the Budget Summary option, and check Current Budget and/or Base Budget options to see Year End Budget Adjustment or Budget Adjustment transactions. Be sure to select the correct fiscal period/year, too! The resulting report will include a Current Budget and/or Base Budget column as applicable. You can drill down for more details on the accounts.

  • There are other Budget reports for more details, too. Check out the full list of Budget Reports to find the one(s) that work best for your reporting needs.