MyProjections are entries that can be added to the ledger directly in FIS Decision Support for forecasting purposes.

These unofficial transactions are designed to represent known future charges or credits.

MyProjections can be used for:

  • Estimating Future Expenses
  • Forecasting Future Income
  • Other Estimates

MyProjection functionality (creation and viewing) is available to active account managers, primary delegates, and principal investigators only. If an individual is deactivated from account manager, primary delegate, or principal investigator status, they will no longer have access to MyProjections.

The following queries have an option to include MyProjections (for active account managers, primary delegates, and principal investigators only):

How to create a MyProjections entry

To create a MyProjections entry, go to the General Ledger folder in FIS DS and click on MyProjections. On the MyProjections screen, you can create a new MyProjections entry or view MyProjections entries that you have previously created. All "MyProjections" estimates must be entered with a reversal date, to ensure their removal from reports at some point in time.

MyProjections entries are, by default, available for viewing by other users who can normally see MyProjections. If you do not want other FIS Decision Support users to see your MyProjections entries, mark the box Private when creating, or editing, your projections.

Examples of MyProjections in use

Because departments have individual reporting needs and requirements, your use of MyProjections may vary from how others use the functionality. Some situations where MyProjections have been used include:

  • Unit 18 Temp allocations – departments pay lecturers starting now but Dean’s office doesn’t provide funding until April (lecturers may not commit to teaching until the day before classes begin).
  • IER/IUC funds – a promise can be made early in the year but allocation isn’t made for two or three months.
  • New faculty hires – funding comes from Dean’s Office and departments are still waiting for BBs and CBs (lag time can be about one or two months).
  • Faculty member has received Offscale and department is waiting for the funding action.
  • Merit & range adjustments if there will be a lag between when employees are paid and the time the funding is received.

MyProjections can be used to check expired transactions to see if they got posted. A department can pull up a list of expired transactions and check these items against the actual ledger to see if promised items ever did go through.