Ledger Entries

Financial transaction documents, including those in the Kuali Financial System and AggieBuy, post entries to the General Ledger. 

These entries appear in FIS Decision Support on transaction reports, including the Transaction Listing (2). 

The following KFS documents create ledger entries when they are created:

  • Advance Deposit (AD)
  • Auxiliary Voucher (AV)
  • Budget Adjustment (BA)
  • Cash Receipt (CR)
  • Credit Card (CCR)*
  • Credit Memo (CM)**
  • Customer Credit Memo (CRM)
  • Customer Invoice (INV)
  • Distribution of Income and Expense (DI)
  • Disbursement Voucher (DV)
  • General Error Correction (GEC)
  • Internal Billing (IB)
  • Payment Request (PREQ)
  • Pre-Encumbrance (PE)**
  • Procurement Card transaction in AggieExpense*
  • Requisition (REQS)
  • Salary Expense Transfer (SET)

If you wish to see the ledger entries BEFORE you submit your document, click on the Save button at the bottom of the document, and then click on the General Ledger Pending Entries section to see what will post to the General Ledger if the document is submitted with the current information and is fully approved.

*These documents are auto-created by KFS.

**The CM and PE operate a little differently than the others listed above, and do not display the pending ledger entries until the document has been submitted.