Departments must deposit funds when any of these criteria are reached:

  • Currency totals $500
  • Currency and checks total $5,000
  • Once a week
  • Same day if checks and currency total $100,000

Cashier & Payment Solutions Office will verify all currency and checks. If the deposit does not balance, the Cashier & Payment Solutions Office will enter either an overage or shortage for the discrepancy. An automated email notification will be sent to the initiator of the CR doc advising of the change. 

Depositing Cash

Deposits containing currency and coin must be deposited:

  1. In person at the Davis or Sacramento (Health) Cashier's Office so the currency and coin can be verified in front of the courier.
  2. Dropped in the Davis Cashier's night depository in an approved deposit bag
    1. Tamper-proof deposit bags can be obtained through the Aggie Enterprise catalogs, Block And Company, or Alert Security Bag.
    2. Lockable bank cloth bags can be used if the Cashier & Payment Solutions Office has a duplicate key.
    3. Keys for dropping large deposit bags must be obtained from the Cashier & Payment Solutions Office.

Depositing Checks

The term check includes checks, travelers' checks, cashier checks and money orders. All checks must be endorsed by the department upon receipt and have the depositing department identified on the endorsement. Endorsement stamps must be requested from A&FR,

Deposits containing two or more checks must include a calculator tape listing all checks, with a total of the deposit.

International Check Conversion

Checks that are drawn on an international bank and are written in the currency of the respective country can be converted and deposited. Call the UC Davis Cashier & Payment Solutions Office at 530-752-0460 for the conversion rate and procedure.