Wire Deposits and Payments

International and domestic wire deposits, payments, and funds can be deposited directly to the university's bank account.

NOTE: Please visit the Hospital Cashiering page if your department is expecting payment for any clinical related activity.

The Cashier & Payment Solutions Office must be notified in advance of any payments your department is expecting by wire or ACH. Beneficiary information (who or where the funds are to be credited) must be provided. This is the only information the Cashier & Payment Solutions Office will have to credit the funds correctly.

If you are working with a payer who is requesting their own internal form be completed with banking information, please contact the Cashier & Payment Solutions Office for assistance.

Note: Students who want to wire funds should be instructed to contact the Cashier & Payment Solutions Office for assistance.

Unidentified wired payments and deposits, where the account number or payee information is not included by the payer, are frequently received by the Cashier & Payment Solutions Office. Please contact us by email, or call 530-752-0460, if expected funds have not been received. Keep in mind, unidentified payments may be applied to an undistributed account causing a delay in having the funds transferred to the appropriate account. 

Are you anticipating a payment by wire transfer or Automated Clearing House (ACH)? Please visit the International and Domestic Wire Deposits and Payments Form page.