Managing Your Cash Drawer / Till

A cash drawer/till should be used to manage and dispense cash.  

When used properly, it can help secure the cash, and make your job of handling it much easier.

Cash Drawer/Till Requirements

Whether you are working on a cash register, or out of a cash box, the basic design should meet the following requirements:

  1. It must be lockable
  2. It should contain compartments for each denomination of coin and currency
  3. The cash compartment should be removable, to allow for checks and credit card slips to be stored underneath

Organizing the Drawer/Till

The currency should be separated into slots by denomination, portrait side up, with all facing in the same direction. 

The highest denomination should always be on the left, decreasing to the smallest on the far right. Coins should follow the same pattern, with the highest on the left, decreasing to the right. 

Making Change From the Drawer

When you take cash from the customer, count the amount out loud to the customer. Always leave their money visible until the transaction is completed. This will lessen any chance for confusion. When you present the customer with their change, again count it out loud. Once you have given the customer their change, place the currency and coins you were given in the appropriate slots, with currency placed portrait side up.